Ethical Hacking

What is hacking?

It refers to exploiting sys vulnerabilities and compromising security controls to gain unauthorized or inappropriate access to system resources.


Ethical Hacking refers to using hacking tools, trick and techniques to identify vulnerabilities. Ethical hacking is necessary for vulnerability assessment , identify system’s vulnerabilities /to analyze organization’s security postures like policy or infrastructures.

such as, when there’s new security solution invented, it needs to go through Common Criteria for IT security evaluation, which assures whether the new solution fulfill particular security properties  to a certain extent or assurance. During this CC evaluation process, there’s security assessment which require Ethical hacking.

To beat a attacker, you need to think like one,

  • Ethical hackers has in-depth knowledge of Operating System, Network
  • and needs to have ability to learn and adapt new hacking techniques
  • also have strong work ethics.